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I’m part of Utz

Various videoclips under the motto "I’m part of Utz"

Under the motto “I’m part of Utz”, they provide you with some insight into their everyday work life at Utz. Around 200 specialised employees in Development, Production and Sales commit to providing our customers with the perfect storage and transport solutions on a daily basis.

I’m part of Utz - Ready for any challenge

Success at Utz is based on continuous development

Around 200 employees from 18 nations work at Utz in Switzerland. Most of us have been a part of Utz for many years, which is why everyone is a specialist in their job. We pass our experience on to new employees, inspiring and learning from each other. This is also one of the reasons for our success.


I’m part of Utz - Versatile training with future prospects

Utz offers interesting apprenticeships in technology and administration

The trainees at Utz are trained well and professionally. So well, that some of them prefer to remain at Utz after their apprenticeship or return to us some years later. This is something from which we as employers are able to profit. Every year, we train plastics technologists, polymechanics, logisticians, administrators and designers. - If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Utz, you can find more information here


I’m part of Utz - The human touch despite robots

Injection-moulding at Utz is highly engineered and always monitored by specialists

In Switzerland, we use highest state-of-the-art injection-moulding equipment to produce plastic containers and pallets for storage and transport, as well as technical plastic parts. Despite the high degree of automation in Production, we as the employees are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly, night and day.


I’m part of Utz - Customer proximity thanks to personal contacts

It’s good to know that one can reach a specialist from Utz

Despite our clear catalogue and consistently up-to-date website, our customers like to contact us personally. We do not simply deliver “off the peg” goods but, in addition to our products, also offer numerous services which need to be discussed in detail.


I’m part of Utz - Always ready for new innovations

Creative ideas for new Utz products are developed within the team

We are experienced specialists in the development and manufacture of containers, pallets and technical parts consisting of plastic. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop the perfect products for their requirements. With every innovative solution, our experience grows to be implemented in further new projects.


I’m part of Utz - The final polish with a human touch

Despite state-of-the-art production systems, the final touches are still manmade

We manufacture most of our injection-moulding equipment for containers and pallets at our own tool manufacturing department in Bremgarten. Thanks to our cutting-edge CAD milling centres, we produce tools of the highest quality, as is required for our plastic products. Despite all of our computer-controlled systems, we as the employees are there to give our products the final touch.


I’m part of Utz - More than just standard

Utz goes beyond injection moulding and offers added value for the product

Injection moulding alone does not always mean that a product is finished. We frequently also equip containers with customer logos, dividers, foam-rubber inserts, insert containers or lids. We always find a solution for special customer requirements.


I’m part of Utz - Quality is maintained

Diligence promotes the quality of our services

At Utz, quality is created at every workstation. Because thanks to our quality management, we know what to do and how to do it. We stand behind our products and enable a constantly high quality in Utz products compliant with customer requirements.


I’m part of Utz - Technically adept and reliable

The moulding experts at Utz work with the greatest of care

Careful handling of highly complex injection-moulding technology is self-evident. Depending on what the intended product is to be, these tools can weigh several tonnes and may be packed with cooling lines and complicated hydraulic jaws. Due to the modular design, we are able to install various product variations into one tool.


I’m part of Utz - Always available for our customers

Every Utz employee acts with the highest level of responsibility

At Utz in Switzerland, 2,200 products can be called up from the warehouse on a short-term basis. Despite these large volumes of different containers, pallets and accessory parts, we endeavour to deliver the ordered parts to our customers correctly and on the agreed dates. We are a well organised team and never lose track, not even in hectic situations.


I’m part of Utz - Sustainability determines our actions

Utz in Switzerland produces exclusively with natural power derived from local hydropower

We are committed to recycling and an ecological approach. For instance, we have been using the exhaust heat of our injection-moulding machinery since 1989. We only use certified power from Swiss hydropower plants and therefore from CO2 neutral sources to cover our large power requirements for Production. 100% natural!