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Euro Pallets

Utz offers a lot of euro pallets (dimensions 1200x800 mm). There is no alternative, particularly in the food, hygiene or clean room sector.

Hygiene Pallets UPAL-H

The UPAL-H are fully closed hygiene pallets. Thus, they are easy to clean and offer no basis for the accumulation of dirt or bacteria, which is why they are ideal for use in the hygiene and clean room sector. With steel reinforcement they may also be used in the high rack warehouse.

Smart Pallets UPAL-S

The smart pallets UPAL-S are stable, and with steel reinforcement may also be used in the high rack warehouse, which is why they are suitable as universally applicable load trays.

Universal Pallets UPAL-U

The universal pallets UPAL-U are characterized by a very high running smoothness on roller conveyors and with steel tube reinforcement usable in high-rack storage. Thanks to its low weight (in the non-reinforced version only 14 kg) and two ergonomic handle slots, they are very well suited for manual handling.

Industrial Pallets UPAL-I

Our industrial pallets UPAL-I are robust and have proven their suitability in numerous industries for decades.