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Marking and Identification


Your Utz product can be traced and identified in various manners:

Transponder chips

Individual attachment at the Utz product. Identification and tracing independent of environmental influences.

Bar code

Acquisition of the labels by Utz or by the customer. Type and quality must match the Utz product.

Bar code frame

Injection-moulded frame as positioning aid for the attachment of labels.


Utz offers numerous possibilities for the marking of your Utz product:

Adhesive label area

For easy removal of adhesive labels.

Script insert

Permanent and robust marking. Template required to produce individual tool insert.

Adhesive label

Acquisition of the labels by Utz (template required) or delivery by the customer. Type and quality must match the Utz product.

Image sheet stamping

Ideal for multi-coloured labelling. Template required.

Pad printing

Template for manufacture of a printing plate required.


Stamping of a logo/text using pressure and heat (template required). Alternative: standard letters of font Helvetica (capital letters only, 14 or 30 mm in size, without customer template).

Printing templates

Electronic templates as .eps or .ai (vectorised) supplied by the customer, or full shade-coloured at least 1200 dpi, colours separated. Conversion costs for other formats are charged separately