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The EUROWAVE is a new container designed for daily storage and transport tasks within business and leisure. The tote is equipped with many bespoke 'Utz' features, which Utz likes to thrive off. For example, it is clever because it can be easily handled and has a sturdy structure. It is creative because it has a dynamic profile in all aspects. It is sustainable because it is produced from UIC material (Utz Industrial Compound). And it is Smart because it is available in 5 different dimensions.

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In great shape!

The Eurowave is easy to handle.

The first impression: The EUROWAVE instantly puts you in a good mood! Fresh colours and dynamic lines around the tote, set clear accents and bring momentum to your application. Line up your business!


Behind the new design are tangible advantages. These include comfortable handling due to the tote being light weight, and having integrated shell handles. Also, the tote has high stability meaning it can be expanded with many additions to suit your business' needs!


The tote is also attractive in the market.

The tote has been sustainably produced.

The Eurowave shows its quality and details all of our 'know-how', for transport and logistics. Due to the product being manufactured from UIC, this means that it is lighter in weight. This incidentally has a positive impact on the pricing!

The tote is preferably manufactured from UIC (Utz Industrial Compound), and stands a an umbrella brand for all secondary raw materials that are used for the production of Utz products. Products made from UIC offer the same material properties as normal PP, and therefore fulfil the standard Utz Quality. Therefore, UIC meets our principle of sustainability and resource conservation. On request, we are happy to produce your EUROWAVE containers made of virgin material in many attractive colours.