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Georg Utz AG, Switzerland

Our family owned business, founded in Switzerland in 1947, specializes in the processing of plastics and manufacturing of storage and transport containers, pallets, component holders, trays and technical parts made of recyclable plastic.

Why Switzerland?

Despite higher production costs than in other countries, we remain true to our roots and continue to produce in Bremgarten, Aargau, with around 250 employees. In addition, the Utz Group comprises of another seven locations worldwide that produces for their own markets.

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With qualified and motivated employees and new technologies, we can respond to almost every customer’s request and to offer individual solutions.

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Utz Switzerland sets a sustainability label

Since 1974, we have been working to conserve resources and have been able to increase the amount of recycled material used for production to nearly 30% of total plastic consumption.

Power source does not matter? No. That's no problem for Utz. In Switzerland, we produce exclusively with electricity from certified hydropower and, with the new AEW charging station in Bremgarten, we support all emission-conscious motorists.

Sustainability of the Utz Group * By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Utz Group website.

What do our employees say?

I’m part of Utz
With the video series "I'm part of Utz", our employees give you a brief insight into the everyday work at Georg Utz AG in Bremgarten.

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